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Game News
Welcome to the Demi Gods homepage.

We are a casual Pve/Pvp guild on the Dayblind server.  Our Time zone is Eastern Standard Time US or -5 GMT.  We currently run T-1/T-2 expert runs every Monday-Thursday at 8:00 pm.  If your interested or have any question feel free to drop us a line ingame or on the forums.
Guild News

Guild Merger Has Arrived

omgstu, May 26, 11 10:27 PM.
Ok guys the time has come.  We are going to merge into Yamabushi.  So when you login please message someone from Yama to get an invite.  We are working on ranks within Yama.

Join up and We'll get you sorted out.

I will be staying DG until we get all members over.


omgstu, May 24, 11 10:58 AM.
Hey Everyone I'm back.

I'll be on later tonight for a bit.  Maybe we can get a dungeon going.

See you in game!!

Away From Game

omgstu, May 18, 11 11:43 AM.
Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I will be away from the game starting Wednesday May 18,2011 until Tuesday May 24,2011.  If you guys need anything talk to Jit, Pureblood, Houdini or McSneaky.

Its a long weekend here in Canada this weekend so if your Canadian enjoy yourself and get some much needed rainy spring weather!!

10 Man Slivers

omgstu, May 17, 11 8:47 AM.
Last night we joined up with Yamabushi and tried to complete one of the new 10 man raids.  Very tough fight.  Learned a lot so far.  Defiantly need to make sure everyone is geared for a t-2.

Dave will be hosting vent soon.  Should be sometime this week.  Looks like he has to use another computer instead of his main machine.

Changed Library section name to Builds & Guides.
-Added All T-2 dungeon Guides
-Added Storm caller build from bluedot
-add link to dps meter from riftjunkies

Hopefully in the next few days we will have a list if guild members builds to use.

New News is good News

omgstu, May 13, 11 10:50 AM.
Library Section has been update with T-1 Expert dungeon guides.  Also added Soggy's Mage DPS build.

** Comming SOON ****

-Sneaks rogue builds for PVP
-SonjaBlade's Storm Caller build for AOE damage
-Houdini's Build for Archon Raid Buffing and Pyro DPS build.
-Jit's build for Marksman Ranged DPS

-New Vent info will be provided this weekend. Artea will be hosting a 24/7 private ventrilo server.  So if you see him ingame say thank you.
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